Bursa as a tour and holiday destination
Visiting Bursa would be the best choice if you are looking for a  memorable way to spend your holiday. This city is located in northwestern Turkey, just south of Istanbul if you cross the Sea of Marmara. You will enjoy taking pictures of its well-preserved early Ottoman architecture such as the Green Mosque and the Muradiye Mosque. Another favorite destination for tourists is the Cekirge, a popular thermal spa resort from the Roman times. With its luxurious hotels, thermal spas, and silk-filled bazaars, you can surely relax from the busy ordinary days at home.

Things to do in Bursa 
There is more to this historical place than their mineral baths and Ottoman architecture. One of the favorite activities for tourists there is taking a cable car ride to the top of Mt. Uludag which is just behind the city. If you are into foods, you can try Iskender kebap which has a popular grilled lamb dish with browned butter and savory tomato saucy. Furthermore, shopping is good in the city's Kapali Carsi (Covered Bazaar) and neighboring caravans such as Ipek Han (Silk) and Koza Han (Silkwork Cocoon). Their specialties are silk-made products and Karagoz shadow puppets. Moreover, if you love the urban lifestyle, you can enjoy nightlife in their nightclubs and bars which usually have a European or American touch. You can enjoy your visit there if you are with your partner, family, friends, or even if you are alone.

Best time to visit Bursa

If you want to find out which part of the year it is the best to visit this city, you definitely won’t want to miss out the International Bursa Festival which is all throughout June and July. This is one of their biggest festivals and it features theatrical and ballet performances, art exhibitions, and symphony orchestras. A relaxing thermal bath, historical visit to Ottoman structures, and fun-filled Turkish tour is more than enough to make your holiday memorable. Therefore, you should plan your trip to this city early to make the most out of a thrilling Turkish vacation.